I don't vent very often

So I'll do it here because it won't start drama. I goddam hate drama.

Last year I picked up a stray cat and she was pregnant with kittens. I loved/love those kittens. I felt like I gave them all good homes and kept one for myself. One of them went to a friend whom I thought was responsible but I didn't know very well. I have come to find out that my cat may not be taken care of to the standards I feel are deserving of an animal, especially an animal I happen to be quite attached to.

That person is upset because the cat pees everywhere. It's a MALE CAT and it hasn't been fixed yet. What the shit does that person expect? Also when I went to that house the litter box was dirty. I pointed out that perhaps a second litter box and more cleanings will help. I was really calm about it..until he says he is ready to "throw the cat out" and "has to be convinced the cat will stop peeing on everything/meowing all night, if the cat is worth the INVESTMENT". That cat is a year old and they have had it for like 7 months. Yea, I totally lost my fucking mind. I said some shit. I don't regret it at this point but I probably will eventually when I have a chance to calm down and/or that person shows me they are capable of taking care of another life that happens to be dependent on them.

I'm not a perfect pet owner. I have my faults buy my precious cats are extremely important to me. I am more than willing to bring that cat they have back to my house, get it fixed and his shots and find that cat a new forever home. I hope that they take me up on my offer.


After countless hours dicking around with eyes, everything comes down to the next 10 minutes while one of my machines warms up. If I succeed, I will for the first time do something that I've never heard of anyone doing before If this works, I will make eyes with 100 percent visibility. Well, that look good. Not just crap colored buckram. Only flat tho, not like rounded. Whatever! It's gonna be awesome.

Omg, wanna wait with me? *wait wait wait*

Yay! Totally works. bwahahaha!!


I'm a fucking genius. It's always the most DUH moment when I come to the realization that what I've been trying to figure out for the past month was SO EASY so goddam easy this whole time I didn't think of it. SHIT!!!

OK I'm done ranting about casting.


What could possibly posess me to not only second, surpass and pinnacle at a second suit. Madness, I suppose. I doubt I'll post so many wips this time around and I'm kind of over posting any help anymore. Everyone asks the same goddam questions 50 times and if someone could just take the time to scroll a few pages they would probably get their answer. Blah blah digigrade. Blah blah sewing. Blah blah buckram. Blah blah pat my ass. I think I pretty much read every single memory and every single post. Omg fur rage *lulz*

I think I just want to fix the mistakes I made with the first suit. I want to do stuff that hasn't been done and I want to do the rest better than most. That's it. Hopefully my next journal will be a finished suit? Time will tell.

In the meantime I will finish a few gift tails for friends, one or two random resin castings and my boyfriends partial. Of course the boyfriend gets a partial.

I has le FA now, so look me up :3


When I said grr fuck making another fursuit this shit is whack, what I actually meant to say is I should totally make myself another head. Sculpt sculpt sculpt.


how was I wrangled into another comission? Oh yea I'm a sucker for compliments. fuck.

On a shittier note, my mouth hurts and dentist can't see me until tuesday. vicodin makes me itch!

So here is my comission cue for a person THAT DOESN'T TAKE COMISSIONS ffs

gloves with silicone pads and an extra set of silicone pads-september-art trade: waiting for supplies to be mailed

hand painted tiger tail-gift/bonus for work performed at San Japan: fur shipped 15'th

Fullsuit-comission early stages;done by Furry Fiesta

Since I'm making one head, I might as well make another for myself. I"m thinking a badger or a bunny.

one finished suit

yay! I did it! Le finished! No more sewing fur! *boyfriend: I get one now right?* Nuuuuu........uuu...fuck sewing fursuits. What a massive pain in the ass. Don't get me wrong it was great and I am proud of what I have to show for it..but it's totally emmersed my life for the past 5 months. My poor grades. I've dropped to a 3.5. If anyoen was wondering total out of pocket costs for the basic mats (fur, resin/silicone, foam) about 50-60 bucks. What I made and sold along the way pretty much covered it all. If I can get rid of this extra pair of gloves it will pretty much even me out.

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!-le dolphin

Oh, and smoke weed. Every day. All day. All I do is smoke weed- nick swardson

soooo cloooosee

Omg my feet are turning out adorable. Omgomg. I'm so happy. I think this is possibly the happiest I've been about anything I've made so far.

The green fur turned out well. I think it will be nice.

Is it august yet?

is it august yet?

Pinned the zipper today, successfully dyed fur a nice olive green, my feet are nearly completed and I added some white to the suit to break up the dark colors a bit. I can't believe this suit is almost finished. I don't foresee making another one in the immediate future. I'll like to mess with rubbers and plastics tho, maybe make some more cosplay for conventions I attend.